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Disabstraction Sunrise


Group exhibition curated by Xavier Noiret-Thomé in collaboration with Jason Poirier dit Caulier


The Disabstraction Sunrise exhibition is a highly personal ode to the magnificent playground now open to artists of all media. An infinite field of possibilities where we can navigate between Pop figures, monochromy, tachism, subterranean narration, and so on. This project should be seen as a subjective, non-exhaustive snapshot of these movements. The title is a nod to Claude Monet's famous painting Impression soleil levant, when, perhaps for the first time, abstraction flirted with figuration.

The exhibition is also intended to offer visual proof that time is elastic, that there is no linear history, but rather a multitude of back and forths, of interconnected and porous facts, a continuum with rhizomic structures. The 'Grand History' of the world or of art doesn't exist, it's just a more or less reassuring illusion, the antithesis of the concerns of the studio, of the choices and actions that are working today, as in the past, to make art.

Participating artists:
Tatjana Gerhard, Aurélie Gravas, Sven 't Jolle , Julien Meert, Nadia Naveau,
Xavier-Noiret Thomé, Sébastien Reuzé, Franck Scurti, Sophie Ullrich and Carole Vanderlinden

PLUS-ONE Gallery (New South)
Léon Stynenstraat 21
2000, Antwerp / Belgium

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